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Flashback to 1994 when our friends went on their first cruise. They came back over the top excited and insisted we should go cruising together. NO WAY! I would go stir crazy with nothing to do or I might get seasick and even if those things did not happen I just don't have all those formal clothes. No matter how much our friends tried to convince us there was so much to do on a cruise that I would wish I had more time to do it all or that there are a lot of remedies to prevent seasickness and larger ships today are built with stabilizers so seasickness is rarely a problem and we could choose the type cruise we wanted, formal or casual, we would not budge.

Fast forward to 2003. My husband Ken and I had just moved to Huntsville, Alabama, and spent the year getting settled in, hosting a wedding for our daughter and traveling to China. By the Spring of 2004, we were exhausted and needed a change so we took that big step and booked a 16 day cruise. We finally found our ideal vacation where we were completely pampered, ate incredible food, enjoyed fantastic entertainment, had the ability to explore multiple exciting destinations without the hassle of packing and unpacking at each one. All this at an amazing value that rivals the most basic vacation. We were hooked and haven't wanted a land vacation since.

Many years of planning family and friends vacations, as well as my love of cruising, ultimately led me to become your personal cruise specialist. It is an incredible opportunity for me to take part in making your cruise dreams a reality. I have 15 years experience in customer service so you can feel confident you will get only the best when you place your vacation dreams in my capable hands.

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